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Family Oriented for Family Defense

Family Armory & Indoor Range is an upscale indoor shooting range that promotes firearm skills, firearm safety, firearm education, and social interaction between its patrons.

We are a family owned and family operated small business located between Midland and Odessa Texas. With decades old roots in our local community, we understand the need for a safe place where women, men, and families can practice shooting firearms. Our business caters to first-time shooters and to expert shooters alike. Whether you’ve never handled a firearm before or whether you carry a firearm as part of your job, we invite you to practice at our state of the art shooting facility.

Family Armory and Indoor Range Embroidered Logo

The first indoor gun range.

All major cities in Texas host at least one indoor gun range. For the longest time in West Texas, the business landscape did not include a single indoor gun range. With the introduction of Family Armory & Indoor Range, those interested in developing their firearm confidence will have an alternative to shooting outdoors. No matter what the weather is doing outside, the weather will always be comfortable inside.

Firearm Education.

Family-Armory-and-Indoor-Range-ClassroomOur facility is not only a place to shoot; it is also a place to learn. We have made our multimedia classroom  available to local firearm instructors in order to provide the community with a convenient location to learn  necessary safety skills. We champion gun safety and gun education for responsible and lawful gun ownership.

Small Business.

range-build-04-26-2015“Buy the basin, and the buck stays here.”

Back between August 13-24, 2012, we began a local radio and Facebook advertising campaign to determine the community’s interest in having an indoor gun range built between Midland and Odessa. Over 2,000 people responded. With the help of the Small Business Development Center at UTPB, we translated the resulting data and statistics into a focused business plan. Three years later in early 2015, our small business loan was approved through SouthWest Bank, a local area bank that began in Odessa, TX in 1999. We decided to use the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Seminole-based Fehr’s Metal Building to construct our facility and help make our dream into reality.

Midland AND Odessa.


Ground Breaking Ceremony, May 15, 2015

So often it happens that when new businesses enter our West Texas market, they either build first in Odessa or they build first in Midland. We’re sure they have their reasons for choosing one city over the other for their ventures. However, because we have roots here extending for decades, we understand the importance of serving both cities equally. For this reason, we chose to construct our facility between the two of them with easy access from both cities. For our ground breaking ceremony on May 15, 2015, we invited both the Midland Chamber of Commerce and the Odessa Chamber of Commerce to participate.