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Memberships & Price Structure

More details about memberships and pricing are found on our Range Fees page.

Yes; we define a member as one who agrees to follow the range rules and signs the appropriate paperwork before being allowed in the shooting area. Only members are allowed in the shooting area. At the present time, we offer two different membership tiers: silver and gold.
Gold members pay a non-refundable annual fee that activates special benefits including a discounted daily range fee and automatic discounts on select firearms, ammunition, and accessories.
Silver members are daily visitors who do not pay the annual fee and receive standard pricing on daily range fees, firearms, ammunition, and merchandise.
Yes; both silver and gold members pay a daily visitation fee to access the shooting lanes. Gold members have paid an annual fee that lowers the daily visitation fee; silver members have not paid the annual fee and receive standard pricing.
Individual means one person on one lane. Duo means two people on one lane. Therefore a silver individual is one who has not paid the annual fee and who intends to shoot solo more often than not. A silver duo member is when two people desire to be placed on the same lane at the same time, and neither one of them has paid the annual fee. A gold individual member is one who has indeed paid the annual fee, but intends to shoot solo more often than not. A gold duo member is one who has paid the annual fee and intends to shoot with a partner.
Regular refers to a person who is non-EMS, non-military, non-peace officer, non-teacher, non-employee of an educational institution, and a non-CHL holder. Special refers to those who are either EMS, military, peace officer, teacher, an employee of an educational institution, or a current CHL holder.
Please click on the following link to view fees associated with Gold Memberships and Silver Memberships.
Yes; we offer gift cards. Up to $5000 can be placed on a gift card at this time. Please note that we are not responsible for lost or stolen cards, and that gift cards cannot be exchanged for cash or replaced if lost or stolen. Treat gift cards like cash.
All gold members receive discounts on range fees, select firearms and ammunition, and on select general merchandise. EMS, military, peace officer, teacher, an employee of an educational institution, or a current CHL holder receive range fee discounts.
Husband and wife have the ability to share their Gold Duo membership between themselves. What this means is that the first spouse to purchase the Gold Duo membership is known as the “primary.” We then add their spouse as the “secondary.” The “primary” can shoot with whomever they wish: their spouse, their child, another family member, a friend or co-worker. The “secondary” can likewise shoot with whomever they wish. Should the primary and secondary be shooting at the same time, they can either share a lane together, or be with one respective friend each and use two different lanes. Both the primary and the secondary would receive Gold Duo pricing.
Yes you can. But be aware that Gold Memberships are not retroactive. In other words, the benefits of becoming a gold member do not extend backward in time. In order to receive gold benefits, one must first become a gold member. For example, a shooter who begins as silver and then wants to upgrade to gold at the end of their shooting time would have to finish out the transaction as silver. Gold benefits would begin after paying for the gold membership.
Yes; gold members will revert back to silver members after one year. Remember that we consider anyone who agrees to follow the range rules and who signs the appropriate paperwork before being allowed in the shooting to be a member. Gold members pay the annual fee; silver members do not.
No. Gold membership is locked to the one purchasing it in the first place, and all memberships are non-transferrable.
No. Gold Duo memberships can be shared between spouses in the case of “primary” and “secondary.” (See information about family memberships above.) However, one friend can purchase a gold duo membership and bring whomever they wish with them as a shooting partner.
At the present time, no there are no group discounts, e.g., a church group, the entire police department, all employees of a business, etc. We ask that each person in the group or organization become an independent member with us.
We accept cash and credit cards (Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Discover). No checks, please.

Range Questions and Policies

Please consult our membership agreement and watch our safety videos.

At the present time, we are starting with 10 lanes. Each lane is 4 feet wide and 25 yards or 75 feet in length. We do have plans for a future expansion. All memberships and lane usage will help contribute to that expansion.
To avoid cluttering on the shooting lanes, we have a two person limit per shooting stall.
Yes; the minimum age for shooters to be allowed in the shooting area is 12 per insurance requirements. Because of the nature of our business, we ask that children in the retail area be kept under diligent supervision.
We will accept firearms that take 7.62×51 rounds and lower. Therefore AK-47, AR-15, and all hand guns are acceptable. Firearms requiring to be muzzle loaded or that use black powder are not allowed. In addition, we do not accept buck shot, bird shot, tracer, or steel core rounds.
The bag to gun rule refers to maintaining muzzle discipline at all times while on the shooting lanes. Range bags are to be taken to the assigned booth first. Firearms are to be removed from the range bag and placed on the table inside the shooting stall with the muzzle pointing downrange. Range bags can then be placed on the tables located behind the shooters. After shooting is finished, the bag is taken back to the stall and the firearm is then placed inside the bag. The “bag to gun” rule reflects the most important rule in firearm safety: keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction at all times.
RSO stands for “Range safety officer.” The purpose of a range safety officer is to enforce the range rules that each member signed and dated before being allowed in the shooting area. The job of the RSO is to keep everyone safe, to assist with firearm problems, and to help shooters improve their proficiency. Understand that RSOs are there to help and maintain a safe environment. Please read over the range rules again to know what the RSOs will be looking for.
Yes, providing that the paper target is in good taste and family friendly, e.g., no images of real people, no suggestive images of sexuality or narcotics. One free paper target is provided per stall upon each lane rental.
You may collect your own brass that lands behind the firing line. You may not collect brass falling ahead of the firing line. Do not use brooms to pull back any brass falling ahead of the firing line.
Even though our rates are for the day, we ask that shooters limit their lane time to 1 hour when there is a line. If there is not a line, then feel free to shoot for as long as you’d like. We find that most customers spend between 35-45 minutes shooting on average.
Customers pay out after completing their shooting. This is done so that the customer can add extra targets, ammunition, etc. to their account without performing a separate transaction.
We create a customer profile on our computers for every shooter in order to keep track of who has and who has not signed the membership agreement.
We require that all firearms entering our retail floor space remain in a holster, in a case, or in a range bag. The only safe place to unsecure a firearm is inside the shooting stall with the muzzle continually pointing down range. We recommend that all customers build a range bag to contain safety glasses, ear protection, extra ammunition, and their firearm. We require that all customers respect and follow the “bag to gun rule.”
Yes — under certain conditions. We will not rent a firearm to any individual wanting to shoot alone who does not already possess their own firearm. We will happily rent firearms to individuals already possessing their own firearm first. We will also rent firearms to a duo intending to use the same lane when neither possess a firearm themselves.
For the time being, we will not have special events until our business gets up and running. However, we do plan on hosting ladies night, a children’s league night, and special events. We will announce special events in store, on our website, and on our facebook page.
We might add archery events in the future. However, hay bales put down range will be exposed to residual lead dust, and running back and forth to collect arrows will increase the likelihood of having lead dust gather on the bottom of shoes. Indoor archery will most likely be a part of our expansion in a lead-free environment.
On average, it takes between 5 minutes and 10 minutes for us to create customer profiles indicating customer status on their membership agreement. Once we have created a customer profile, the next visit will move along faster as the membership agreement is signed each year. We create customer profiles based on a valid form of government issued identification, such as a driver’s license and a Texas Concealed Handgun License.
We are most busy during holidays and weekends. We are least busy during weekdays during non-holidays. We are open 6 days a week and have extended hours in order to provide our customers with the greatest opportunities to shoot their firearms.

Retail Floor Policies

No; gold members understand that their annual fee is non-refundable.
Merchandise returns or refunds are valid within 30 days of purchase with a valid receipt. (No returns or refunds after 30 days from purchase date.) Returned merchandise must be resalable. Except if there is a product defect or other performance issue, returned merchandise must be resalable (no material or visible wear or usage), in original packaging, and with all paperwork, parts, and accessories. All refunds issued for returned merchandise will match the original payment tender. Customers will receive cash refunds for cash purchases, credit to the appropriate card for debit and credit card purchases, and merchandise credit for gift card purchases.
No. The sale of firearms and ammunition is final.
We are not a warranty repair facility. Any warranty issues must be taken up with the manufacturer. We receive firearms and ammunition in good faith from our suppliers and trust that items pass many quality checks before being released to retailers.
For special orders, we ask that customers provide as much detail as possible about their order. We will then provide a written price quote for the special order that will be valid for 2 days. Once the customer accepts the quote, we collect 100% of the purchase amount and place the order on behalf of the customer based on information found in the price quote. After we receive the order, we will notify the customer to pick it up. Please note that some items take longer to receive than others and that a significant amount of time might pass between the order date and the receiving date, depending on manufacturer and supplier availability. Special orders are final and are non-refundable.
There are many factors that go into calculating the customer’s cost including global market conditions, e.g., during military conflict ammunition might become scarce and prices inflate, supplier availability, e.g., some of our suppliers have exclusive agreements with manufacturers, and political environment, e.g., when politicians attempt to “ban” certain ammunition or firearms, customers purchase large quantities before the ban goes into effect thereby reducing general availability.
We ask that parents keep a close eye on their kids at all times. We are a shooting range and a firearms store with live ammunition easily accessible on our retail floor. Parents must never leave their children unattended.
Gold members receive automatic discounts on select firearms, ammunition, and merchandise. Our gold members receive priority service on all sales, whether in bulk or not. Therefore, to save on bulk purchases, e.g., purchasing a case of ammunition rather than a box, become a gold member first.
Checks are not accepted. We accept cash and credit only.
At the present time, the transfer fee for a gold member is $20 per firearm. The transfer fee for a silver member is $25 per firearm.

About us

Family Armory and Indoor Range is a small business venture that began in 2012. We have decades old roots in our Permian Basin community, and remember the good ol’ days when reputation was more important than profit margins. Our family invites yours to share in the experience of shooting indoors.
No. Family Armory and Indoor Range is not associated with any other gun range or firearm store. We are a family owned and operated small business entity.
We believe that the female market has long been neglected in the firearms industry. Therefore, we conceived of a business model that caters to women shooters, e.g., having family friendly staff with no hyper-masculine egos, maintaining clean restrooms, and a “no pressure” retail atmosphere. We want to make sure all customers are confident in their purchases, and offer several firearms to rent. The best firearm for an individual is not necessarily the most expensive firearm.
Family Armory and Indoor Range expects all customers to act with dignity, courtesy, and respect both toward one another and to our staff. We also expect all of our customers to act safely and to practice muzzle discipline at all times.
We expect that all staff members embody the golden rule: treat others as we would have them treat us. Therefore, Family Armory and Indoor Range requires that all staff members treat customers with dignity, courtesy, and respect. Should we not live up this expectation, please notify our store director and the issue will be resolved immediately.
We have everything you need to help make your range experience fun and safe here at Family Armory & Indoor Range. When you purchase ammunition, targets, safety gear, and merchandise from us, you are helping our small business succeed.