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Our State of the Art Facility is Safe

We have teamed up with the biggest names in the business to ensure customer and environmental safety.

Action Target

Family Armory & Indoor Range has partnered with Action Target to provide our customers with access to the best indoor range equipment available today. Our range features their target retrievers, shooting stalls, ceiling baffles, and advanced bullet capturing system. Without question, our indoor gun range is everything that an indoor gun range should be.

10 Lanes for Starters

Our small business will begin with 10 lanes and will expand in proportion with customer enthusiasm and membership support.
Action Target Smart Retriever

Target Retriever

The steel track provides stable operation, quick target response, and more precise control. Although the Standard Retriever does not use steel cable to support the target trolley, it does use it instead of nylon cord to pull the trolley back and forth along the track at almost six feet per second. This more effective use of steel cable makes our retrievers even stronger and more durable.

Action Target Shooting Stalls

Shooting Stalls

To be effective, shooting stalls should stop all ammunition allowed on the range, even when fired at point blank distance.

Action Target Ceiling Deflectors

Ceiling Baffles

A critical safety concern on any indoor range is making sure bullets cannot escape to the outside. Using an innovative combination of steel, wood, and acoustical tile, Action Target Safety Baffles provide ballistic protection, sound abatement, and a polished, professional appearance.

Action Target TCT Bullet Trap

Bullet Capture System

Action Target’s Total Containment Trap (TCT) is the complete answer to bullet collection and storage needs. It protects shooters by eliminating dangerous splatter, ricochet, and lead dust build up. It protects the environment by collecting lead fragments into sealable containers by vacuuming and filtering lead dust, and by not incorporating potentially hazardous materials like rubber, oil, or contaminated water.

Indoor Range Ventilation

Ventilation System

Our ventilation system is top of the line. After firing each round, smoke from the firearm gets pushed downrange and all air passes through a series of HEPA filters before being exhausted. This means that the air being exhausted is cleaner than the air being brought into the range. And this also means that you won’t smell like you’ve just been shooting.

Firearm education classroom

Education Services

We feature a 24 to 42 person multimedia classroom for education and training. Our classroom is available to all certified instructors free of charge providing that all students use our facility for shooting qualifications. Please contact us to reserve the classroom.

Firearm retail store

Retail Gun Store

Our retail store compliments our indoor range. Ammunition, firearms, and tactical gear are available for purchase.

Firearm Rentals

Firearm rentals

“Try before you buy.” We understand that purchasing a firearm is a significant financial commitment. Before investing in a firearm, wouldn’t it be nice to know how it feels, how it recoils, and how it fits in your hand? We have a ever-growing selection of firearms available to rent.

Firearm Rentals


We use the electronic version of the e4473 to ensure that there are no errors during the transfer of firearms. In addition, we use FBI NICS e-Check to perform background checks before the transfer of a firearm as required by Federal law.