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As I often do, I was reading Google News for news articles across the United States relating to indoor gun ranges and the shooting sports when I stumbled across an interesting new business venture,  The Shooting Club. Having started Family Armory and Indoor Range as a new business in Midland Texas, one could say that I have a soft spot in my heart for fellow entrepreneurs and business owners.




Starting in April 2016, the Shooting Club will use smartphone technology so that users can submit pictures of specialized targets for cash prizes after shooting them according to certain rules. These pictures are associated with both the QR code found on the target and with a social profile created through the Shooting Club phone application. After all, they do need a method knowing who qualifies for what prize. One has the ability to submit as many targets as wanted during each contest period, and the submitted photos over time provide the ability to track shooting improvement.

One thing that I have not discovered is how the Shooting Club controls for those attempting to “game the system,” e.g., at the end of the day, how does the application really know if the target has been shot in accordance with the proper rules? What prevents a person from shooting their target at the same short distance? At this point in time, there’s no video demonstrating how the application controls for dishonest behavior. But I assume that as time goes on, more refinement will be added to the application.

In addition, it’s been rather difficult to get into contact with the Shooting Club, despite their calls for indoor ranges to reach out to them. Both emails and Facebook messages have gone unanswered for two days, which translates to “ages” in our day of instant notification. Perhaps they’re overwhelmed, or perhaps their attention is focused elsewhere at the moment. Despite this, we are still interested in hearing more about how they anticipate partnering with indoor gun ranges throughout the United States.

Long story short: shooting well has the potential for monetary reward through an innovative social application for smart phones known as The Shooting Club. This application makes it easier for shooters separated by time or distance to compete with one another; better shooting translate to more points. You can read the same article I found on The Next Web titled Now there’s an app to help gun lovers find friends to shoot the sh*t with.

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