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Texas Law Shield Discount with Promo Code

Texas LawShield Promo Code: FAIR

Family Armory and Indoor Range is proud to host firearm law workshops in our classroom twice a month. Our business is not only a place to shoot and practice with firearms, it’s also a place to learn about firearm law and it’s the best place to take the License to Carry class. On the first and third Tuesday each month, Texas Law Shield hosts a gun law workshop at Family Armory and Indoor Range featuring new laws. During these events, students listen to Texas Law Shield representatives, lawyers, and are encouraged to ask questions and present various scenarios to the instructors for consideration.

If you’re interested in attending one of Texas Law Shield’s workshops at Family Armory and Indoor Range, then you must register on the Texas Law Shield Event site. We at the range have no control over law shield’s registration list.

Texas Gun Law Book: Armed and Educated

The Texas Law Shield YouTube Channel showcases an informative series of videos meant to communicate information and raise the legal awareness of law-abiding citizens. Videos range from former prosecutors talking about how the presence of certain bumper stickers might be used against you in a court of law to the top 5 reasons legal gun owners go to jail. And more than one video touches on the role of the police when responding to events involving firearms. The job of the police at the scene of an event is not to determine guilt or innocence, but rather to protect the people who are there, prevent further injury or death, and preserve, collect, and deliver physical and testimonial evidence. And rather than dealing with contradicting stories given, the police tend to arrest everyone involved and let the lawyers and courts determine who is guilty and who is innocent. Even if you are indeed innocent, there will be legal fees involved to prove it.

And even though it has been proven, after much legal expense, that you are not criminally liable after a situation involving firearms, you can still be sued.

For these reasons, we recommend visiting the Texas Law Shield website to determine if their legal protection plan is a good fit.

Member Benefits

  • Coverage If You Use a Gun, Whether You Pull the Trigger or Not
  • 24/7 Attorney-Answered Emergency Hotline
  • Legal Representation Anywhere in Texas for Criminal and Civil Proceedings
  • Updates on Firearms Laws
  • Special Offers Only Available to Our Members
  • Multistate Coverage Available For All 50 States
  • Bail/Bond Coverage Up To $25,000
  • Not A Useless Reimbursement Scheme
  • All Legal Weapons Now Covered!
Texas LawShield Promo Code: FAIR
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